In accordance with paragraph 40 of the Competition’s rules and regulations, we inform that participants in the Third International Competition of Polish Music may make changes to the program by following the instructions below:

1.Changes to the programme any of audition performances must be send to the Competition Office’s email address until 14 April (the deadline must not be exceeded), with the duration of each piece to be performed indicated. The programmes need to include the names of all the individual movements of larger multi-movement works.

2. We kindly request that participants specify the final order of all works to be performed (this information is required, for example, for live streaming purposes), unless the order specified in the application form sent through the Muvac system remains unchanged. Any changes to the order of the selected works must be submitted on 14th of April at the latest.

    According to the Competition’s rules and regulations, changes to the program can only be made once.

    3rd International Polish Music Competition Office