July 2-9, 2023 - Rzeszów

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International Competition of Polish Music is a new and unique event aimed at popularizing and promoting Polish music around the world to both audiences and performers. The competition showcases Polish composers in all their richness, including artists and works that are less well-known and less frequently performed today. The ongoing edition of the Competition is intended for pianists and chamber ensembles - from duos to six-member ensembles. There is no age limit for participants.

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3rd edition of the competition

Mission and objectives of the Competition

The primary objective of the International Competition of Polish Music is to popularise Polish music worldwide and showcase the masterful works written by 60 distinguished Polish composers, especially those of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Competition is intended to contribute to the presentation to a wide audience of works that are being rediscovered, and to ensure that this unjustly neglected legacy lives to see proper development and new editions. No less important is the task of the Competition to promote talented musicians who choose to include lesser-known works by Polish composers in their repertoire.


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